Perfect backyard to have a bunch of friends over. Entertainment paradise.

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Take 5 minutes to watch this interview of Jesse Williams take on the Michael Dunn trial 

If only I could be as polite and civil he was in the interview.

WELP! he got me to reblog within 46sec, didn’t need the full 5min

Took me 38 seconds.




Carlton dropping some real shit

Carlton Banks on “acting White”

real talk


Richard Zocchi’s old ‘56 Lincoln Continental Mark II. By the way, The Mark II is probably one of the single most perfectly styled cars in history. Just sayin’. Grand National Roadster Show, 2014.

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Watched daily

Watched daily

"5000 friends on Facebook, 1500 on twitter, 1000 on Tumblr, 1000 on Instagram, 500 at your wedding, 5 during hard times, 2 at your burial, and alone in your grave. Reality."
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"Chamillion gave me the bitch, she was already a star. Now all these niggaz wanna fuck my car. She a video hoe, the bitch make big money. Like to let her hair down when the sky get sunny. You can catch her in the Dub or the King magazine.
Young red bitch, pussy wet, five screens. Now watch her fat ass drop, fifth pokin out and the trunk gets popped.” Pimp C


lets just say this was 50-55 years ago
how many of your mamas about that age.
it wasnt a long time ago. i hope you remember this

We are One generation out the cotton field..stay on the grind,stay helping out the community and be a blessing to the ones who were on the front fighting for our future

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Sydney Leroux for Nike


House Party (1990) / dir. by Reginald Hudlin


House Party (1990) / dir. by Reginald Hudlin


The best line in the entire movie.

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